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Jasmine, Lime and Grapefruit Beauty Bar


Net Weight: 2.3oz /70g  e


‘A play on blue that evolved into the sea, in all its freshness, its shallows and depths: a map of water’


Aroma: jasmine, lime and grapefruit

Botanical: kaolin clay

Key ingredient: shea butter.


Ultra-nourishing handcrafted luxury soaps made in small batches using only high quality, ethically sourced natural ingredients. We blend each alluring perfume using precious essential oils.


Our gentle formula is perfect for daily cleansing of face and body


Vegan friendly


Ingredient benefits


Enriched with soothing shea butter this bar is moisturising and gentle, with a refreshing citrus aroma.



Our soaps have been formulated to give a thick creamy lather. Which will not dry out the skin. Each batch retains all the glycerin, which is naturally produced when making handmade soap using the traditional cold process technique



Beauty bar ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil – RSPO certified, shea butter, castor oil, (lime, grapefruit, black pepper, marjoram, jasmine essential oils), mineral pigment, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary extract.


Eugenol*, linalool*, linalool*, limonene*, citral*, geraniol*, (*occurs naturally in essential oils).


Cruelty free.

Vegan friendly.

Plastic free packaging.

Made in small batches.

Poured, cut, beveled, polished and packed by hand.


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Shea Butter

High levels of natural anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids found within the nut’s buttery contents have proven extremely effective for repairing damaged skin. It’s moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti aging.

Shea-buttertree is a large, long-lived tree that is native to the Sahel region of West Africa. Millions of trees have been nurtured on thousands of hectares of land in the Sahel, over hundreds, if not thousands of years. These trees produce green plum-shaped fruits which ripen to produce Shea Nuts. Traditionally harvested by women, these are crushed and boiled to extract the Shea butter. There are accounts from as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt that speak of caravans bearing clay jars of valuable shea butter for cosmetic use.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is derived from the pressed seeds of the castor oil plant.  These little seeds contain beautiful oil that is rich in ricinoleiec acid, an unsaturated omega 9 fatty acid. When applied to the skin the oil penetrates deeply and stimulates the production of collagen and elastincan helping to soften and hydrate the skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The Castor Oil plant is native to India. In tropical latitudes under favourable conditions it becomes a 30 – 40 feet tree. Therapeutically it goes back to ancient times in India, China Persia, Egypt, Africa, Greece, Rome and 17th century Europe as well as the Americas.

Lime and Grapefruit Essential Oil

The pleasant citrus scent is invigorating and may help promote mental clarity. These oils are extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamin. They can help to wash out impurities while promoting the growth of new skin cells.

Like all citrus fruits, Grapefruit and Limes belong to the Rutaceae family, which are a large family of subtropical citrus evergreen shrubs, trees and occasionally herbs. Limes probably originated in the Indonesian archipelago or the nearby mainland of Asia and were introduced to the western Mediterranean countries in the 12th and 13th centuries. The history and origin of grapefruit is shrouded in mystery. However, some accounts show that the fruit was first bred in Jamaica around 1700. Grapefruit and Lime Essential Oils are made by cold-pressing the peel to extract the delicate oil which has a tangy, refreshing smell.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine has a sweet, romantic fragrance from flowers that are known to bloom at night. Traditionally used to restore skin, the essential oils and botanical extracts of jasmine increase skin’s elasticity and help balance moisture in the skin to naturally reduce dryness. Plus, its natural antibacterial properties protect skin from assault and aid skin’s immunity.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay traditionally used in caring, nourishing, and soothing different skin types is used as skin detoxifying and cleansing agent. The clay contains high content of silica that helps in removing the dead skin.

It is a naturally occurring clay substance mostly found in soils that have developed from the chemical weathering of rocks in hot, moist climates. Kaolin comes in different colours of red, yellow, pink and white depending on the element it is found along with.

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